TEPPEN goes back to the classroom as Rival Schools enters the battlefield

By , on April 2, 2024
Last modified 3 weeks, 2 days ago

When it came to the original PlayStation, I had two favourite fighting games; the demo disc that had Destrega on it, and Rival Schools, the latter of which is embracing its Capcom roots and joining TEPPEN, the card game that encapsulates the Capcomverse. It’s time for card games to return to their ancestral home; the school playground.

Titled Schoolyard Royale, this new tale takes place at Nekketsu High, ostensibly ruled by the laid-back Darkstalkers’ Sasquash. Peek under the cover though, and you will see a single student known as the Banco Boss actually runs things, a title up for grabs since Daigo Kazama graduated. To decide the next leader, the rest of the students participate in the Nekketsu Battle Royale.

There are a huge number of fighters contending to become the Bacno Boss, including new arrivals Desire Manifest Morrigan, Hardcore Leader Sigma, and the Red card Blazing Buddy Batsu. By using a Hero Art, this character will gain +1/+1, Crush for 12 seconds, and reduce Effect Damage taken to one.

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After collecting a few of these new characters it is time to tackle the new Adventure Mode event, available now. Taking this on will introduce a four-star map, unique relics, icons, and more. If you do it all too soon don’t worry, as new maps and relics will arrive in May and June.

When waiting, you can take on the Battle Trail event quest. With even more new maps, players who knock it out will get themselves a pack and SP tickets, perfect to start building up your new deck. Speaking of this, time for the bad news for those with slightly older cards, the dreaded set rotation. With the arrival of Schoolyard Royale, we will be waving goodbye to the Turnabout Festival from the Standard Mode rules.

TEPPEN is available to download from the App Store and Google Play.