Identity V goes from horror to just plain creepy with the return of Juni Ito Collection Crossover

By , on April 5, 2024
Last modified 2 months, 1 week ago

Identity V has never been what one would call upbeat, being that it's a survival game where you try to stomp four players as a bad guy, but it's set to get a whole lot more unsettling. Thanks to the return of the Junji Ito Collection Crossover, the horror has become much more creepy.

Junji Ito is one of Japan's more iconic horror artists, and if you look at the vast majority of his works it's plain to see why. I’m not an art critic, but there is something about them that causes some primal discomfort, perfect for Identity V. There are three costumes to collect, and weirdly, the one Survivor skin is the creepiest.

Lucky Guy can get the Souichi A Costume, modelled after possibly Itos’ most famous character. He might not look like much, but this high school student is a master of Black Magic, driving nails into dolls to torture his victims. His in-game portrayal does not do his incredibly unsettling images justice.

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Moving onto the Hunters, Wu Chang can grab The Intersection Bishounen A Costume. This unassuming and apparently conventionally attractive man chooses to stalk the street at night, seeking out women playing the crosswalk fortune game. He can then use his powers to force them, to undertake any tasks he gives, which results in a gruesome end for his victims. Perfect for an Identity V Hunter.

Our final Costume is the Tomie Kawakami S suit for the Dream Witch, which is quite fitting for her moveset of creating followers. Tomie is very much like the Bishounen, except her targets are men. She also possesses the ability to regenerate or create multiple copies of herself, a fearsome prospect.

As well as these costumes, you can also get your hands on the A Crossover Pet Jean Pierre, a sentient marionette puppet that looks like a compressed onion. You can also pick up the Eyeball Grass Survivor Accessory, and the B Crossover Accessory Voodoo Doll for Lucky Guy.

Identity V is available to download from the App Store and Google Play.