Hunter X Hunter returns to Puzzle & Dragons with eight dungeons of fun and rewards

By , on April 8, 2024
Last modified 2 months, 1 week ago

Puzzle & Dragons is in crisis as some of the most formidable foes in the Hunter X Hunter series have returned to wreak havoc, and only you can stop them. Team up with the Hunter Association to defeat the Phantom Troupe and the Chimera Ants across eight dungeons.

Hunter X Hunter first debuted as a Manga back in 1998 and is still considered ongoing to this day, mostly due to the myriad of hiatuses it has entered. It follows the story of Gon Freecss, who discovers his long-lost father is a Hunter, who undertakes jobs such as exterminating bad guys or hunting for legendary treasure. Gon sets off to also become a Hunter, to follow in his father's footsteps, but also probably because that’s a bloody awesome job.

Both the Phantom Troupe and Chimera Ants have their own dungeons to tackle their respective groups, with clearing them dropping Hunter Medals and allowing one machine pull each. The Chimera Ants stage can also be attempted in a three-player mode, in case you need help facing arguably Hunter X Hunters' most emotional arc.

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The Fixed Team dungeon will also drop medals, along with a clear pull. Collect enough medals from these three dungeons and you will be able to go on a shopping spree at the Monster Exchange You can net yourself exclusive collab characters including Shaiapouf's Violin.

Rather generously, the eponymous Hunter X Hunter dungeon will reward a huge three pulls upon completion, which you will need to take on the menacing Phantom Troupe Rush. This challenge features the Assist Invalid restriction, dude will reward a Black Event Medal, and if you use the specified leader, a Fun Fun Cloth: The Convenient Magic Handkerchief.

Finally, and inevitably, is the Title Challenge. Complete this dungeon with its fixed Helper within the allotted time limit, and you will be able to label yourself a proud member of the Hunter Association. You will also be able to parade around using a Hunter X Hunter Orbs 2 Skin.

Puzzle and Dragons is available to download from the App Store and Google Play. Log in for ten days during the collaboration, and you can get two free pulls to help in your battles.