Reverse: 1999 goes international as version 1.5 prepares to launch

By , on April 10, 2024
Last modified 2 months, 1 week ago

Crank up the Men At Work because it's time to head to the land down under as Reverse: 1999 announces its Australia-themed update. Titled Revival! The Uluru Games and coming on April 18th, this giant expansion comes packed with new Arcanists, Events, clothes and more.

Starting on release, Phase 1 of Version 1.5 will offer two powerful characters to recruit, the young six-star Beast-type boxer Spathodea, and the Mineral-type five-star talking flame Ulu. Both of these characters' skill sets specialise in burning opponents, perfect for building a burn team.

From May 6th, these two will make way for the six-star Ezrea, a Star-type arcansit, and the five-star Beast-type Desert Flannel. Both of these are more on the control side of things, with Ezra offering so pretty solid buffs and debuffs, whereas Desert Flannel can heal allies and apply Counter to herself.

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For existing characters, Tooth Fairy, Pavia, Dikke, and Darley Clatter will all be getting some love through the On The Red Land garment series, because you can’t go on holiday in your normal clothes. The Leap Over Red Sands Wilderness Pack will also be available to pick up for a limited time come April 18th.

Now, with all these new characters you need something to throw them at, and what better place than the updates’ titular main event? Complete challenges and you will collect the Ancient Glame to exchange for rewards at the event shop. You can also tackle Spathodea and Ezra’s character stories and nearly ten other challenges across the phases.

Finally, at the top of each phase, there will be sign-in rewards to collect. Simply log in for seven days and you will get seven Unilogs per phase. As you may have figured out, that's fourteen free pulls, so if you happen to have a lucky rabbit's foot or two, you might get all four characters for simply showing up.

Reverse: 1999 is available to download from the App Store and Google Play.