Konami legend comes to the hectic world of Vampire Survivors in Operation Guns

By , on April 12, 2024
Last modified 2 months, 1 week ago

Vampire Survivors has long styled itself as a “be the bullet hell” type of game, so obviously, it needs a lot more guns. Enter Contra, Konomis’ iconic run-and-gun series, and a new collaboration with a host of new guns to play with characters to use, and general mayhem to unleash in Vampire Survivors: Operation Guns.

Starting with characters, one of Contras’ most iconic heroes makes its way over, with series protagonist Bill Rizer being delightful dubbed just a guy with a gun. Alongside good old Bill is recon robot Probotector, super-beast-robo-soldier Brad Fang, and bionoid Lucia, and a total of 11 heroes all ready and willing to rain hell on any and all monsters.

Luckily, these warriors filled their pockets with all forms of goodies before making the trip, with over 22 new weapons coming over. You can get your hands on high-tech blasters, the spread shot, and the encouragingly named almost-homing missiles. These can be evolved into experimental Prototype weapons, with three new Pickups available as a backup.

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Equipped with this new arsenal and new friends, we need a new place to unleash chaos, and where better than the Contra-themed Neo Galuga. True to the series, you will be blasting through these stages horizontally through Galuga Jungle, Neo City, and the dangerous alien Zone.

When you explore these zones you will see many cars littered about the place, and any Contra player will know what to do; blow these buggers up. After practising on these destructables, you can take your new-found skills to tackle some highway horrors in the Challenge Stage.

Vampire Survivors is available to download from the App Store and Google Play. Console players will also soon have to opportunity to pick this up on PS5 and PS4, but let’s face it you don’t really need a TV for this.