Tarisland opens its doors for pre-registration with some pretty nice rewards to play for

By , on April 22, 2024
Last modified 1 month, 3 weeks ago

I spend an inordinate amount of my time playing MMORPGs, and I have tried the majority of them, but I still get excited to try the newest offering, so Tarisland finally opening their pre-registration gets my attention. It is almost time to suit up and assault the Black Tower.

An issue with some MMOs is that every player of a class feels exactly the same, doing the same moves and damage. Tarisland aims to disrupt this by giving their fans an opportunity to create their own spin on characters. There are nine classes, each with two specializations, and a flexible talent tree to explore. Sure, there will be a meta, but nothing stopping you from saying screw that and putting all your points into Endurance and Axe skills.

As you would expect, Tarisland's pre-registrations come with the customary milestone rewards. The issue, however, is that the website makes it a little unclear what you will be unlocking. Looking at the layout there are items listed, obvious rewards, but also locations, so it seems like you also unlock these too, but there's been no solid confirmation and I feel that would feature heavily in promo material.

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Either way, what we definitely will get for passing milestones are good old-fashioned in-game goodies. For simply signing up, everyone will get a nice game pack with currency and goodies, one million will unlock a limited title, three million will net everyone a Mystery Pet which is exciting, and five million is a unique, also a mystery, mount.

If you feel like testing your luck, you can also partake in the Pre-registration Raffle. There are some pretty cool items to be won, like another exclusive title, a Flagship iPhone, and a Flagship Android phone. To unlock entries you have to perform tasks such as pre-registering, taking part in H5 events, inviting other people to register, and following social media accounts. Not bad for a chance to win a phone.

Tarisland is available to pre-register from the official site, the App Store, and Google Play.