The end is nigh for Fort Forinthry as Runescape releases final quest in the story

By , on April 23, 2024
Last modified 1 month, 3 weeks ago

It was a long and harrowing battle, but in the last big update to Runescape, players managed to repel the advance of Zemouregal and give the great undead dragon Vorkath a right good beating. Now, it is time to finish that job as you pursue the injured beast across the land in Requiem for a Dragon.

This will be the final quest in the Fort Forinthry story, following the epic Battle of Forinthry. You have captured your adversary, but the fearsome dragon has fled. Uncontent to leave such a threat free in the world, you follow Forkath deep into a new area on the island of Ungael for a final showdown. Rather than an honourable duel, however, you may find yourself at odds with some unfriendly Zamorakian faces.

By exploring this new side of Ungael, you will uncover a new and improved necromancy ritual site, stuffed full of updates the Runescape player base has been asking for. It features more cost-efficient materials, longer-lasting disturbances, and an on-site chest and ritual storage, to make spitting in the face of death much more convenient.

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To give you an edge against the new enemies you can face, equip yourself with Zorgoth’s Ring, a new upgradable necromancy combat ring, to pack a little more power to your punch. Dabble in the occult enough at this new site, and you might also unlock the new Soulfarer title and access to the Ungael Teleport Spell.

Now, for the usual disclaimer with Fort Forinthry quests. To start, you obviously need to complete the previous quests in this line, which means you need to be a member. You will also need to have completed the Tomes of the Warlock, and Kili Row quests. Only then may you see the explosive conclusion to this saga, and also bop an undead dragon one last time.

Runescape is available to download from the App Store and Google Play.