Zenless Zone Zero opens global pre-registration to some mind-blowing numbers

By , on April 24, 2024
Last modified 1 month, 3 weeks ago

I have been racking my brain, but I can’t think of another developer besides HoYoverse that has managed to keep multiple live service games at the top of THE games to-play lists, and soon they will be adding one more with Zenless Zone Zero. Pre-registration has opened, and you can get some tasty treats for signing up.

Zenless Zone Zero, as well as being a bit tricky to say, is an urban fantasy ARPG set in that most familiar setting; post-apocalyptic chic. Calamities known as Hollows suddenly appeared, creating spatial anomalies that spat out godless monstrosities known as Ethereals, that tore through the earth.

All that remains of civilization is based in New Eridu. Maintaining hope, the last dredges of humanity created this bastion by mastering technology and learning how to take the fight to the Hollows. Here is where you step in, a Proxy, bodyguards who accompanies scientists and the like into these anomalies, hopefully keeping them safe.

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As is customary, and as near as makes no difference demanded by law at this point, there is a slew of milestone rewards available to pick up. These include Boopons, used to obtain rare Bangboos, which are so hard to take seriously. You can also grab the playable Agent Corin, and up to twenty Master Tapes used to acquire rare characters.

Now, twelve of these tapes come at the final milestone, 40 million participants. That sounds like quite a lot, and pre-registrations only just opened so we might have to wait a bit right? Wrong! It has taken less than a day for the count to ticker past 30 million registers. That is staggering, and a testament to HoYoverses grip on gaming.

If you too would like to add your name to Zenless Zone Zeros’ ever-growling list, I swear it has gone up thousands since I have been writing, then you can do so through the App Store, Google Play, or the Official Website if you also want to listen to some catchy tunes.