Warframe devstream provides information on upcoming quests and a new trailer for Protea Prime

By , on April 29, 2024
Last modified 2 weeks, 5 days ago

If you missed the latest Warframe devstream, then you missed quite a bit of interesting material. But fear not! We have the roundup below. Amongst this bumper crop of updates is a look at some Warframe: 1999 concept art, a peak behind the upcoming Jade Shadows quest, and a new trailer for our closest new Prime Warframe.

Starting with the most immediate news, Protea Prime is dropping on May 1st, and we got treated to a new teaser trailer for the upcoming time lord. With their ability to rewind time, drop health and energy pickups, or simply go beserk with the new Okina Prime daggers or single-handed Velox Prime pistol, we might soon see a shift in the Warframe meta.

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If you have ever been unlucky in Assassination missions, you’ve received that mysterious message. The one that heralds the arrival of the Stalker, an incredibly powerful adversary who hunts down those with his Death Mark. They took a prominent role in the game's first cinematic quest, and soon the fan favourite will return in Jade Shadows this June.

Also being introduced in this single-player narrative Quest is the eponymous Jade, the 57th Warframe known as the song of devastation. The inspiration behind this character is angelic choir soloists, and their weapons embody the ideas of Love, Hope, and Wonder, which sound just perfect for a battlefield.

Jade Shadows will also bring the new mission type Ascension, a Stalker-themed ship cosmetic skin, more items for TennoGen, and the new Clan Operation: Belly of the Beast. Also on the theme of upcoming content, the major Warframe: 1999 expansion had a few pieces of concept art dropped, featuring the two revealed Protoframes Arthur and Aoi, as well as the Atomicycle. Those excited for 1999 should tune into the TennoCon keynote livestream on July 20th for the next info drop.

Finally, if you are looking forward to TennoCon in July, we got treated to a look at Day One of the event. Early merch booth access, badge pickup, a 1999-themed celebration which better include the Prince song, and a special guest DJ will be making it an opening to remember. We will get a look at day two in Mays’ Devstream.

Warframe is available to download from the App Store.