Cassette Beasts gets a release date for mobile and it can’t come soon enough

By , on April 30, 2024
Last modified 2 weeks, 4 days ago

It has been a long month since Raw Fury hosted the Cassette Beasts Showcase of 2024 and announced the rather exciting news that the action RPG will be coming to mobile. I for one can’t wait, and now we all know when this magical day will be upon us, as the release date is set for June 4th.

We must all wait impatiently for around one month and a week before we can head back to New Wirral, or if you haven’t played it before now is the best time. Cassette Beasts was one of 2023's biggest hits and took what everyone loved and missed about classic Pokemon, but upgraded it in the way that Gamefreak really should have.

In Cassette Beasts you wander around a delightfully designed island and encounter different monsters, which you then record using your cassette player and can transform into. The biggest mechanic of the game was you always had a partner with you, whom you could fuse with to make awesomely powerful beasts to trample any foe with. Also one of the partner options was a dog, so yeah, enough said.

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Just before this release date, current platforms will be receiving two big updates. The first is the introduction of a bigger multiplayer. There was always local multiplayer, but soon there will be the ability to team up eight online players to battle enemies, trade cassettes, or beat each other up. There will also be a few more fashion options thanks to a crossover with Moonstone Island.

If you are looking to pre-order, and I hope you are, then Cassette Beasts is available to sign up for now on the App Store. It also has a play-before-you-buy feature, which is pretty cool. It currently is not up on Google Play yet so we can’t confirm if that will be the same just yet.