Arknights introduces its latest event complete with three six-star Operators to nab

By , on May 1, 2024
Last modified 2 weeks, 3 days ago

People who can read German will have a leg up here as Yostar Games has announced their latest event for Arknights. Zwillingstürme im Herbst has kicked off and will last until May 28th, bringing with it a host of rewards to earn, and four new operators to recruit, perfect if your defence is a bit lacking.

By taking part in the Zwillingstürme anbeten, Die Gnade ist ewig, and Die Macht ist grimm events, you can earn some event rewards. By completing activities in Venesuhrenturm you will net die Klänge von den Erinnerungen. These can then be traded for valuable items such as Headhunting Permits, LMD, and even the new six-star Operator Lessing.

We have a few operators making their debut in this event; three six-stars and one five-star, to be precise. Let’s start with our sole five-star, the Guardian Bassline. He has the trait where using his skills heals allies, which is useful, as is his gaining RES when there is an ally within eight tiles. Finally, his talent buffs his RES even further, making him a solid choice for a wall.

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Continuing the defensive trend, two of our six-stars can help your backline. The Arts fighter Viviana can deal Arts damage with her trait and this damage is buffed through his talent, which also reduces her damage taken, especially when near an elite or boss. Lessing, the Dreadnought, can block one enemy and has a talent that reduces damage taken from enemies who he isn't actively blocking, whilst he blocks someone else. Getting smacked also increases his attack, for a little offensive kick.

Finally, we have a supporter in the shape of Ritualist Virusosa. She packs a trait that augments her attacks to deal Arts and Elemental Damage and a talent which inflicts necrosis damage on enemies in her attack range. This also increases the necrosis damage they take, making her a bit of a pain for foes.

Arknights is available to download from the App Store and Google Play.