Haegin makes dreams come true with the latest update to Play Together

By , on May 3, 2024
Last modified 2 weeks, 1 day ago

I am very predisposed to judging a video game based on their development team; if they listen to their community and have open communication, then I am more likely to play their content. Haegin has just scored some points in this department, thanks to a wholesome update in Play Together.

An elementary school teacher from Gyeonggi Province in South Korea emailed Haegin one day, informing them that they had an autistic student who often raved about Play Together in class. He had one wish, to see his favourite dinosaur in the game, and the developers got right to work making this a reality.

Ms Quinn and Trey’s Story kicks off, fittingly, in the School at the Plaza. Head inside and you will be given a request from Jeannie Quinn, asking you to help new kid Trey Horne adjust to the island. To help, you can attend class to check up on them or share snakes with Trey and others in the school.

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Complete the missions and you will not the three-horned Triceratops Hat, a Triceratops Cape, the the Triceratops Egg, to hatch your own little friend. It is rather delightful that Hagein went through the effort to produce this for a fan, and being able to get your own tiny dinosaur to follow you around makes this well worth trying.

In addition to this new mission, Haegin has also been celebrating three years of Play Together. An infographic video has been produced showing off a variety of stats. There have been 502,080 instances of characters going fishing, slightly more popular than the 462,152 times people have gone mining. So niche hobbies when you consider there have been around 200 million downloads, but interesting numbers to take a look at nonetheless.

Play Together is available to download from the App Store and Google Play.