May brings some very powerful card to Marvel Snap in a Blink in Time

By , on May 9, 2024
Last modified 1 week, 2 days ago

The multiverse is in peril again and it is up to you to team with Blink and the Exiles to save Marvel Snap in its May 2024 season. A Blink in Time brings with it two new locations, five powerful new heroes, and three beautiful new albums full of emotes and variants to collect.

The part I'm sure we are all most interested in is the five new characters up for grabs, starting with Blink. She is a five-cost card with seven power, which is nice on its own, but it is her ability that makes her stand out. On reveal, you can swap the last card you played with a higher-cost card from your deck, a perfect way to upgrade your one-cost mook for a monster.

Also coming into this series is Nocturne, who can move once and when she does, you replace its location with a random new one. Sage can give you a boost in power, as when revealed she adds two power for each different power ally in her location. Namora gives five power to any solo card at a location, and finally, the ten-cost Sasquatch costs one less for each card played in your last turn.

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There will be two new locations added for you to duke it out over, starting with Panoptichron. The card that didn’t start in your deck gets plus two power, which is great if you run any summon-type decks. Cancun has an interesting effect, in that power there doesn’t count toward winning the game.

For those collectors, we will have three new albums to chase. The May 7th Dan Hipp Album can get you a Werewolf By Night Variant and avatar, whereas the Rian Gonzalez album, dropping May 25th, can get you a Silk Variant. On May 31st, the Rian Gonzalez Chibi album will be all Iron Lad themed, with an Avatar, Emote, and Variant.

Marvel Snap is available to download from the App Store and Google Play.