Amanda the Adventurer is set to traumatise a whole new audience later this year

By , on May 10, 2024
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If you were anywhere near Twitch or YouTube last year then you no doubt saw one of the hundreds of people playing Amanda the Adventurer, the twisted take on a children's show. If you didn’t, then luckily for you the game is coming to mobile later this year, for a whole new demographic to join in on the fun.

The story follows Riley Park, a woman who recently inherited the house of their reclusive Aunt Kate. When exploring an attic that a hoarder would be proud of, she stumbles across a stack of VHS tapes. Having never watched The Ring, Riley pops in one of the tapes and gets her first look at the early 2000s children's cartoon, Amanda the Adventurer.

Looking like a generic low-budget show, to begin with, things start going south when the two central characters, Amanda and Wooly the Sheep, start acting more unhinged and seem to speak to Riley through the TV set. From here, an uneasy yet incredibly captivating story unfolds, and you might never watch children's TV again.

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Whilst it might not have the longest of play times, Amanda the Adventurer did manage to rack up over 1.5 billion total views on YouTube, including fan content. For something that's only been out a year, that is phenomenal. Developers DreadXP confirmed back in October that the sequel is also underway, making a perfect time to release the original to more platforms.

The game features multiple endings and an intriguing puzzle mechanic that requires you to complete tasks in the real world to influence the events of each video. Complete each VHS tape to unveil the real story behind Amanda, and maybe you can survive the insanity that ensues.

Amanda the Adventurer will be available to download from the App Store and Google Play. We have no solid release date as of yet, only that it will be at some point this year.