AFK Journey unveils first major update with Song of Strife bringing a horde of new content

By , on May 13, 2024
Last modified 5 days, 14 hours ago

AFK Journey is receiving its first major update, stuffed full of new stories, characters, game modes, mechanics, and much more. To enter the Song of Strife, you need to be Resonance Level 240, have cleared all AFK Stages, and have completed The Last Leg quest. It will also only show up on servers active for at least 42 days.

The new story instalment follows the Magister Merlin as they head into the desert to look into a rumour of a false Merlin exploring the region. Together with a new mysterious companion, they strive to work with the desert’s Mauler tribe to track down this pretender, as well as take part in the tribe’s Warsong Festival.

This new map, The Ashen Wastes, is as the name suggests; an endless sea of sand punctuated by steep dunes formed by the desert's fierce winds. The AFK Journey art team stated that they aired towards dynamic environments to simulate real work deserts, making players feel as if they were really stranded in the sands.

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In order to explore safety, you are going to need some new friends, starting with Alsa. This rather fittingly earth-based mage has a rather unusual skill of curling into a ball for both defence and offence, which sounds incredibly unmagical, but that will be interesting to see more of. Our second hero is Soren, a straightforward fighter who pounds enemies with knockback abilities, a simple man who does his job well.

To upgrade these characters, head to the Dura’s Trails mode, a PvE affair that drops resources to create the new Magic Charms. These trinkets are tied to the current season, as in they will be useless next season, but until then you enjoy some stat bonuses and special effects. There are also Seasonal Skills to try out, unlockable at Season Level 51.

With your new equipment and powers, it is time to head to the Supreme Arena. Available Wednesday to Sunday, this is a best-of-three series against other Magisters, to prove just who is the most skilled leader. As you battle, keep an eye out for special deployment tiles to get the edge over your opponent.

AFK Journey is available to download from the App Store and Google Play.