Hero Wars flips on the easy mode as iconic gaming legend crosses over for a visit

By , on May 13, 2024
Last modified 4 days, 13 hours ago

The world of Hero Wars is full to the brim with all manner of heroes willing to sling fire, swing blades, or let loose arrows to keep the evil at bay, but what if that isn’t enough? Well, then you of course get a gun! Or, make that two, as Tomb Raider’s Lara Croft makes her way over in a truly bizarre collaboration.

If you never heard of Lara Croft, well I don’t believe you. Ever since those first steps into the caves on PS1 where you are immediately ambushed by bats to the face, she has been one of the leading icons in gaming. Luckily for GDEV, she is taking a quick break from raiding Crystal Dynamics tombs to hop over into Hero Wars.

Packing those signature dual pistols, she comes equipped with a truly exceptional skillset. Her standard skill, Steady Shot, damages and stuns enemies in an area, for some fantastic crowd control. Buff that with the Critical Thinking skill that increases her crit chance and damage, and you can mow a whole section down.

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Her crowning skill however is Power of the Tombs. Brandishing a relic from her adventures, Lara damages all enemies as well as heals all allies. Of course, she is broken, she is bringing guns to a medieval fantasy. The best news of all? She is free to all players, presuming you grab her before May 26th.

Luckily for players of other Hero Wars titles, Lara isn't locked down just to the flagship title. She will also be making the rounds in Hero Wars: Alliance and Hero Wars: Dominion Era. The timings are a little different here, as she will be leaving on May 27th, the most important day of the year.

Hero Wars is available to download from the App Store and Google Play.