Blue Archive unveils latest Main story update as well as a 2.5-year celebratory event

By , on May 17, 2024
Last modified 1 month ago

Spring is here and is melting us all (at least here in the UK), but luckily Nexon is here to distract us thanks to the release of Blue Archives’ Main Story Vol 5. Like the Flower That Wishes to Bloom introduces an extremely powerful new recruit, and you can pick up some free Pyroxenes by logging in over the weekend.

The Allied Hyakkiyako Academy’s world-renowned Cherry Blossom Festival has arrived, complete with hot springs and summer fireworks. Unfortunately, not everyone is feeling the fun, as the Hyakkaryouran Resolution Council is on the brink of collapse. Sensei steps in, as he often does, to try and resolves the issues before the club closes for good.

Our newest recruit, Kadenokouji Yukari, is a rifle-packing striker who is built around an Invocation mechanic. Her normal skill increases her attack up to 19.7% and grants up to 20 Invocations every 40 seconds. You can also pump up these stacks through her Sub-Skill that grants more equal to the Cost consumed by allies.

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This Sub-Skill also gives a Crit Rate increase per ten stacks gain, which works pretty nicely with her passive that increases Crit Damage. Your goal is to build these stacks up, then whip out Yukaris’ EX Skill, which deals massive damage in a round-shaped area. It also consumes all invocations to deal some extreme damage as guaranteed Crit Damage for every ten Invocation stacks.

Recently Blue Archive unveiled the de facto student council of the Allied Hyakkiyako Academy, dubbed the Yin-Yang Clube. On May 21st, you can get your hands on Saori and Hiyori from Arius Squad, as well as rifle experts Shun and Kokona from the Plym Blossom Garden.

This weekend, May 18th and 19th, Nexon will be hosting a celebratory webview event to mark Blue Archive’s 2.5 Year Anniversary Festival. The organising will release some special daily episodes covering the festival’s preparations, and anyone who logs in during this event will nab 200 Pyroxenes each day.

Blue Archive is available to download from the App Store and Google Play.