Reverse: 1999 has a big month planned with the latest version on a half-year anniversary happening in June

By , on May 21, 2024
Last modified 1 month ago

Players of Reverse: 1999 are going to have their hands full next month, as Version 1.6 drops on May 30th, and Bluepoch prepares to celebrate its RPGs’ six-month anniversary. New game modes have been announced, as well as a new character and a few free goodies, including 20 Unilogs in the Treasure in the Ancient City sign-in event.

Unfortunately, Version 1.6 will also introduce Reverses’ first limited character in the shape of six-star Jiu Niangzi. The wording suggests if you miss them in this Till the Last Drop banner, you're going to have to wait about a year, which is one of the more unsavoury Gacha practices.

In more positive summoning news, the Revelation of the Water limited summon will also be on. Here, you can choose two six-star characters from a pool to be rate-up characters, which is a pretty nice deal. The Dushuo Festival also includes a free garment of An-an Lee, as well as 30 free pulls for all, and up to 90 for brand-new players to blow on either of these banners.

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Roguelike fans are going to be in for an enjoyable June, as Echoes in the Mountain brings a nice twist to the Reverse mechanics. Semmelwies has been tasked to investigate a Manus branch alongside the Field Agent Squad and follows a mysterious melody deep into enemy territory, to a foe that seems to know all her deepest secrets. This will run from June 8th to July 11th and will have rewards such as a Limited Portrait and a Crustal Casket.

For those who prefer a nice puzzle to relax with, The History of the Gears will be launching after the May 30th update. As the next chapter in The Three Doors series, you shall be tasked with exploring and solving a whole slate of new puzzles. Doing so will net you Clear Drops and other materials.

If you wish to help celebrate half a year of the game and live in Los Angeles, you can attend the Offline The Good Ol’ Days event from June 1st to June 30th at Weller Court in Little Tokyo. The creatives amongst us can contend for a piece of a $22,750.00 prize cool in the Before the Next Journey Fan Creation Event, or share #MyReverse1999Memories on TwiX between May 20th and June 6th to win some prizes. Finally, if you have no idea what’s going on, download Reverse: 1999 from the App Store or Google Play to find out.