Black Desert Mobile makes you a black belt with the release of marital artist class Askeia

By , on May 22, 2024
Last modified 4 weeks, 1 day ago

I am sure that most gamers, myself included, have their preferred classes to play in each genre; snipers in shooters, dual blades in fantasy, and stealth archers in Skyrim. That doesn’t mean we can’t branch out though, and Black Desert Mobile is giving you the perfect opportunity thanks to the new Askeia class.

In a world of magic and blades, sometimes the most effective method of combat is a good old punch straight to the honker. Askeia takes this a step further, augmenting their natural martial prowess with a Blast gauntlet, allowing for rapid movement and rocket-propelled blows to leave foes reeling.

Thanks to the Martial Spirit passive skill, Askeia gains increased skill damage on Forward Guard, whilst also applying damage reduction and preventing grabs when MP is above 100. The burning Martial Spirit will also aid in HP recovery during their protracted fights to keep you in the game.

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As noted above, the Shadow Step skill allows for quick movement, acting as a closer to chase and an evade to disengage when those big swings are coming. If you are confident in your timing, Deathstrike starts with a backwards evade, before rapidly counterattacking with a palm strike that launches enemies.

For the more aggressive brawler, Fist of True Strength fires you forward as you deal powerful punches. It also imparts Forward Guard and Rear Super Armor to keep you on the offensive, even in the Arena. In terms of Succession Skills, Askeia has two; Dragon Punch and Fury Dive.

The skill set sounds more than worth checking out, and if you reach level ten you will get yourself the Banha’s Tears title, so a win even if you end up disliking the class. To give Askeia a try, or any of the other classes, download Black Desert Mobile from the App Store and Google Play now.