Zenless Zone Zero gets a release date after its final closed beta

By , on May 29, 2024
Last modified 3 weeks, 1 day ago

We have just come out of the final closed beta for Zenless Zone Zero, and with the closing of this chapter comes some good news; we have a release date. After HoYoverse completes their finishing touches, we can jump into a new apocalypse from July 4th.

As well as the announcement of the date, it was also confirmed that there will be both cross-progression and cross-play upon release, which you would expect from HoYo but it is nice to be certain. We can all continue our journeys in New Eridu across whatever device we have at hand.

Set in a post-apocalyptic urban environment, Zenless Zone Zero centres on a world devastated by Hollows. There is one last bastion of humanity; New Eridu. To learn more about their foes, guides with the title of Proxy lead researchers into the unpredictable Hollow to finally find a solution to this world-ending issue. You are one of these guards, and soon your journey will begin.

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It shouldn't be a surprise since it is from the monolith that is HoYo, but from the jump Zenless Zone Zero had the craziest pre-registration numbers I have seen a game get. When they opened on April 23rd, it jumped to 30 Million registrations in less than a day, it was absolutely staggering to watch the counter shoot up in real-time.

Since then things have cooled down a bit, only picking up 6 million in May. Any maths wizzes out there know that makes a total of 36 million registrations, enough to rack up five of the bonuses. These include eight Master Tapes for summoning, one free Agent Corin, and some currency. If the number ticks up to 40 million, everyone will get a further 12 Master Tapes, so sign up if you haven't already. 

Zenless Zone Zero can be pre-ordered on the App Store and Google Play