Blue Archive goes supersonic with the release of two powerful new recruits

By , on May 31, 2024
Last modified 2 weeks, 6 days ago

Blue Archive is ending the month strong with the release of its latest batch of main missions, along with two devastating new characters that might just be the cornerstone of your new team. There is also a new guide task to tackle, resulting in quite a few nice goodies just for some daily missions.

Main Story Vol. 5 Hyakkaryouran Episode Chapter 1 Like the Flower That Wishes to Bloom, one of the longest mission designations in history, comprises of 13 new missions, making up the second half of the current narrative arc. Sensei manages to recruit some assistance in his pursuit of Yukari, who mysteriously disappeared earlier in the story.

For the new characters, if you have a primarily Sonic-aligned team you will want to take a good look at Kiryuu Kikyou. Her normal skill increases the Sonic Effectiveness of all allies in a round shape, excluding the user. Couple this Kikyous’ EX Skill that decreases enemy defence in a cross-shaped area, you can set up a pretty effective burst window for the squad. It also deals some beefy damage as a bonus.

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To help you build your Sonic Squad, our second new recruit, Fuwa Renge, also dabbles in this attribute. Use her normal skill to gain an attack bonus and the Zealous status, which causes attacks to deal an extra hit, which is already buffed by her passive Attack increase. Use Kikyou to buff Renges’ damage further, then whip out the EX skill to obliterate enemies in a fan-shaped area, whilst also imparting continuous burn. These two could be the start of something special. 

Finally, the prizes. The Hyakkiyako Lantern Festival Tour will be ongoing until June 25th, complete with some nice rewards. Complete daily tasks and you will win yourself Renges’ and Kikyous’ interactive furniture; the Antique Countertop and Relaxation Chair. You could also collect 100 Charcoal Chicken Skewers to exchange for a 10-recruitment ticket.

Blue Archive is available to download from the App Store and Google Play.