Warframe's final devstream before TennoCon delivers on the new Mission Type and character

By , on June 3, 2024
Last modified 2 weeks, 1 day ago

TennoCon, Valhalla for all things Warframe, is coming up fast and Digital Extremes have recently released their last Devstream before the hallowed event. We got a new look at Warframe Jade’s upcoming abilities, the new mission type Ascension, and a breakdown of what to expect at the con.

Jade is sitting firmly in the support camp of Warframes, requiring quite a high level of skill to play well. There is always a lot of action to track. She can sing a solo to buff damage or shield regen, inflict slow on foes, or unleash some heals. And, if you get too annoyed with enemies, unleash her ultimate to take to the skies and rain down holy hell.

For those excited for a new mission type, we got a nice taste of the upcoming Ascension mode. Stranded on the bottom level of an enemy base, you will need to hijack a huge elevator to escape. Enemies will be mobbing you as you try to leave of course, so you need to fend them off whilst collecting power cells to keep your escape on the rails.

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You can check this action out through the new Clan Operation: Belly of the Beast, which has a focus on the Ascension mission. You and your pals will be deep in the enemy base and will need to work together to complete objectives and destroy the Corpus. If enough players do this, then we all get the new Ephemeras energy aura.

If you looking to enjoy this content with a new style, Embers’ new Heirloom cosmetics will launch July 20th Yareli will also get a new deluxe skill during Jade Shadows, and we shall all enjoy quality of life improvements with Necreamech acquisition, enemy power scaling and UI Fashion recommendations amongst those being tweaked.

Finally, TennoCon will kick off July 19th with a 1999-themed TennoVIP celebration, DJd by IHearCanvas and featuring karaoke and more. July 20th will play host to Crack-A-Relic pin trading, panels packed to the rafters with announcements, and the first dedicated Soulframe Devstream. If you can’t be there in person, all panels will be live-streamed on the Warframe YouTube and Twitch channels. 

Warframe is available to download from the App Store now.