Boxing Star gets an upgrade with what could be a game-changing buff system

By , on June 5, 2024
Last modified 2 weeks, 1 day ago

Thumbage Co has announced that their sports simulator, Boxing Star, has received a few new updates. Promising pugilists are now able to train for some new buffs, repair equipment for nearly nothing, and even receive some neat gifts for simply showing up. Not a bad time to get into the ring.

Getting right into the update that caught my eye the most; the Sparring System. You will now to able to undertake some training to gain buffs for both attack and defence characters. These will last for a set amount of time, and undergoing any form of sparring when this is active will cause it to be replaced, so no stacking.

This does open up the game to quite a big degree and there are now a multitude of tactical possibilities to consider. Do you double down on that arm strength to get the knockout faster, or perhaps buff defence to be more well-rounded? Do then what if the opponent turns themselves into a glass canon, do you buff to counter them? A nice new addition.

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For general training purposes, gym equipment can now be expanded to Grade 8 to reach those highest heights, and that brings up pretty neatly into our first ongoing event. Until June 7th the Gym Equipment Repair for 1 Gold event will be ongoing. Care to take a guess what happens under this very succinct title? You should get training to take advantage.

Additionally, until June 11th you can post a picture of your personalised gym costume to the Boxing Star community to earn yourself some nice rewards. And on the topic of rewards, these segues are writing themselves. Anyone who logs in before the 12th will nab themselves a bevvy of rewards, including coins and upgrade gloves box.

Boxing Star is available to download from the App Store and Google Play.