Marvel Snap invites a little bit of chaos into matches with latest set

By , on June 6, 2024
Last modified 2 weeks ago

In order to win in any form of card game you need to have a pretty solid strategy, but it seems with the June 2024 season, Marvel Snap is trying to ruin everyone's well-thought-out plans. How, you ask? Well, one of the locations and two cards in this Celestial’s Finest set seem intent on injecting a lot of randomness into proceedings.

Let's start with the low-cost cards. Thena is a two-cost/one power who gains plus three power each turn if you've played exactly two cards, pretty niche. The three/three Phastos will give each card in your deck either minus one cost or plus two Power which is nice for the price. Finally, after a turn, the three/three Makkari will run from your hand to a random location if possible, which doesn't sound too bad.

For bigger numbers, we have two five-cost/seven-power entries. Gilgamesh can help your buffing by providing extra power to all cards with increased power. Sersi sounds pretty cool, transforming your other cards into random cards that cost one more - a risky strategy with potential. Our big hitter though is the seven/seven Arishem, who at the start of the game gives plus one max energy and shuggles 12 random cards into your deck.

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Celestials Finest comes with two locations, and both of them are pretty insane. Starting with Eternal's Ark, after five turns all other locations will be flooded, so you best hope you’ve built up a strong army there, or have a War Machine to hand. A nice tactical challenge, but it is nothing compared to the second location. World’s Forge will replace one of the other locations. Every. Single. Turn. Say goodbye to tactics and start learning how to roll with the punches.

Of course, we also get three new albums to collect as well. The Skottie Young Album, which worked on my favourite character in Deadpool: Mercin Hard for Money, will get you the very appropriate Tony Start Eye Roll Emote when you collect twelve. Peach Momokos’ Album, from Ultimate X-Men, will net you the Thanos Peach Momoko Avatar to show off. Finally, the Retro Future Album is full of some bloody cool Steampunk-themed gear, so definitely check that one out.

Marvel Snap is available from the App Store and Google Play.