Steady your breathing and zero your scope as Sniper Elite 4 is coming to iPhone and iPad

By , on June 7, 2024
Last modified 1 week, 6 days ago

If your main concern when looking for a phone is gaming, then it is safe to say that Apple is making its mark in this sector. Bringing titles like Resident Evil 4 and Death Stranding to mobile is a big coup, and soon Rebellions’ Sniper Elite 4 will be joining that lineup.

For those who don’t know Rebellion, they are one of the world's biggest independent video game developers, generally known for their shooters more than anything. They made the Zombie Army games, they popped out Strange Brigade a few years back which was briefly the game of the week, and, of course, the popular Sniper Elite series.

Sniper Elite 4 places you in the midst of World War Two, in idyllic Italy in 1943. The Nazis are up to no good, and it is down to you, a lone sniper, to single-handedly push the blaggard back. You will need to use stealth, intellect, and your keen aim to dispatch targets and evade capture until the job is done.

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The mobile port of Sniper Elite 4 will include all the features from the original that made it so well-loved. There is a huge campaign to enjoy, a host of destructible traps or hazards to use to take down your target, and the trademark X-ray kill cam that just never ceases to be awesome when you land that shot.

Now, I am sure a lot of you know what's coming. Much like all the other AAA games Apple has brought to their phones, they are only available on a select list of devices. You will need an iPhone 15 Pro, an iPhone 15 Pro Max, or an iPad with an M1 chip or later. From what I can see, it will be iPads released after 2021.

Sniper Elite 4 will be released on Apple devices in the wildly unspecific time of holiday 2024 and will benefit from Universal Purchase, so buy it once and you can enjoy cross-progression support and access on all compatible devices. To keep up to date on these developments, whack your details on the Rebellion update form.