Reckless Racing Released

By , on October 21, 2010

EA Mobile has just released Reckless Racing, a new dirt rally racer for the iPhone and iPad.

Checkout the Trailer:


- 5 Hot Lap & Dirty Rally tracks plus reverse unlocks (10 total) & 1 Delivery track.
- 6 different vehicles (includes Cars, Trucks & Semi's)
- 3 styles of racing - Dirt Rally, Hot Lap time trial & Delivery time trial
- Multiplayer WiFi (4 players) with cross platform support with "Lobby" chat support (iPad, iPhone & iPod touch)
- Leaderboards for Singleplayer Dirt Rally & Hot Lap
- 5 Standard control layouts plus the option to fully customize each control layout.

Get Reckless Racing on the AppStore for $2.99!