Capcom Brawler Street Fighter IV: Volt Gets Two New Battlers and A Price Cut

By , on September 15, 2011

Capcom have simultaneously dropped the price and upped the roster of its 5/5 App Store brawler Steet Fighter IV: Volt.

The two newest burly bruisers to step into Capcom's deadly arena are film star Fei Long and martial artist Yun, taking the total number of playable characters up to an impressive 22.

The Japanese studio has also made a bunch of improvements to the game's multiplayer modes, starting with a new Friend Request button.

Tweaks to make sure there are no disruptions during wi-fi play and a new 'GoodFight' post-match praise option have also been added.

More good news: you can now pick-up Street Fighter IV: Volt at a reduced price, albeit for a limited time. Punch your way through the App Store's defences before 19th September and it will only cost you $4.99.