Monochrome Puzzler Contre Jour Gets Updated With 20 New Levels

By , on November 3, 2011

The term Contre Jour relates to a specific photography practice in which snapshots are taken with a light source behind the subject.

Unsurprisingly, Chillingo's environmental puzzler also focusses on light, tasking you with navigating several monochromatic landscapes in search of its warm glow.

Playing as a black blob named Petit, you must utilise tentacles, portals, slingshots, and a variety of other means to reach your goal, as you morph the landscape around your globule.

Chillingo have added an all-new chapter - Moonlight - to their popular App Store puzzler, which introduces 20 new levels to explore. These supplement the 60 levels that have been present since the game's launch.

Contre Jour earned a solid 4/5 when we reviewed it back in August.

You can grab Contre Jour in an iPhone-only package for 99c or pick up the Universal HD offering for $2.99.