Colourful Endless Flyer Whale Trail Getting Challenge Chapters and Additional Levels In Update

By , on November 16, 2011

Popular iPhone infinite flyer Whale Trail will recieve a 'major' update in around ten days' time, which will - among other things - introduce all-new challenge chapters to supplement the game's Endless mode.

The planned upgrade will also mark the arrival of an additional 32 unlockable levels.

And if you're feeling rather lazy or your skills simply aren't good up to the task, you'll be able to grab some of them by splashing the cash on in-app purchases.

Whale Trail floated into the App Store back in October and earned a respectable 4/5 at review.

We noted that its 'stellar level of presentation; clever level layout variation; and simple controls' make it worth checking out.

You can pick it up from the App Store in preparation of the new update for just 99c.