Angry Birds Rio Gets 15 New Levels In Smugglers' Plane Update

By , on November 22, 2011

Throughout the course of Rovio's Angry Birds Rio, we've followed the franchise's famous birds through jungles, across beaches, and over airfields.

Thanks to another update to this bestselling game, the fiery's fowls' journey has been extended by another 15 levels.

This new epsiode - which is entitled Smugglers' Plane - also features a fresh selection of golden fruit to seek out and collect.

And if you're at all familiar with the physics-based title, you'll know that these are rarely found in plain sight.

You can, of course, still use the Mighty Eagle to easily blast through any levels that prove to be a tad tricky, providing you've splashed out on the 99c in-app purchase.

You can grab Rovio's latest attempt at App Store domination for just 99c.