NaturalMotion's NFL Rivals Runs A 3rd Quarter Slant-And-Go Onto the iPhone

By , on September 8, 2011

NaturalMotion's latest attempt at creating an authentic American-football experience has rounded the opposition's defence and sprinted into the App Store's end zone, complete with 32 licensed NFL teams.

After selecting your favourite bunch of pad-clad players (the New England Patriots, natch), you're tasked with scoring as many TDs as you possibly can, by juking, trucking, jumping, spinning, and generally avoiding the oncoming waves of burly tacklers.

Each successful attempt at glory earns you points, which elevate the real-world team of your choosing to the top of the NFL Rivals global rankings.

Playing in sync with your team's real NFL schedule will grant you extra bonus points.

If you fancy strapping on a helmet and getting your hands dirty, you can strip NFL Rivals from the App Store for $2.99.