New Levels and Price Cut For Tasty Pizza Vs. Skeletons Game

By , on May 4, 2012

Riverman Media's surreal 2D platformer Pizza Vs. Skeletons has been updated with 10 new levels, and is currently available at the discounted price of 99c.

Perhaps the only App Store title to cast you as a 25-foot-tall pizza, the game has you rolling across 110 levels using your vast bulk to smash skeleton hordes to dust.

Within that basic side-scrolling template, Pizza Vs. Skeletons manages to cram in a tremendous amount of variety.

One level may have you rescuing puppies from prison, while the next might have you sumo wrestling with a giant skull or downhill pizza skiing. No, seriously.

Pizza Vs. Skeletons is brilliantly weird, gorgeously presented, and compulsively playable, so we were only too happy to award it a glittering 5/5 on review.

Usually priced at $2.99, Pizza Vs. Skeletons is currently available for 99c. Tuck in.


Dragongoose 8 years, 1 month ago

This pisses me off, they made it seem like the introductory price now it's usual price was its sale price, even though it's a great game I feel like they they tricked me now, and that what pissed me off.