Episode 1 Of Telltale's Sam & Max Series Currently Free To Download

By , on May 8, 2012

Sam & Max Beyond Time and Space Episode 1 is currently free to download from the App Store, giving iPhone gamers a risk-free introduction to Telltale's adventure game series.

Following the Arctic adventures of Freelance Police Sam and Max, Beyond Time and Space Episode 1 sees the wisecracking duo investigating a case centering on a seriously deranged Santa Claus.

It's a curious Christmassy case, with vibrant visuals, pin-sharp writing, and some fiendish puzzles.

A couple of control issues will niggle away at you, but Beyond Time and Space Episode 1 is a worthy recipient of our AppSpy 4/5 award, nonetheless.

If you've yet to witness Sam & Max's unique brand of law enforcement, Beyond Time and Space Epsiode 1 is the perfect place to start.

And should you like what you see, you can pick up Beyond Time and Space Episodes 2-5 for just $2.99 a piece - down from their usual price of $4.99 each.