Retro Shooter Hypership Out of Control Now Hurtling Through Space For Free

By , on October 26, 2011

You can now grab Fun Infused Games's retro-themed space shooter Hypership Out of Control and head into space without having to spend a penny.

This is all thanks to a (presumably) limited-time sale that has seen its 99c price tag removed and tossed into a virtual bin.

In Hypership Out of Control, you just happen to be the pilot of a constantly accelerating starship, which is suffering from faulty brakes.

Your job, then, is to steer your careering craft around asteroids, coloured blocks, space mines, and other deadly hazards.

Stay alive, basically. Oh, and rack up those high scores.

Apple's social gaming network Game Center is on board with a bunch of leaderboards, which provide both longevity and bragging rights.

Don't forget to grab it while it's free.