Addictive Kairosoft Titles Grand Prix Story and Pocket Academy Slashed In Price For A Limited Time

By , on October 4, 2011

Developer Kairosoft has decided to slash the price of two of its most addictive iPhone games for a limited time, meaning you feed your craving for a top management title for just $1.99.

Grand Prix Story, which earned a 4/5 at review, sees you take the reins of an up-and-coming racing team, hire and fire drivers and mechanics, research new vehicles and parts, and secure profitable sponsorships. 

Pocket Academy, on the other hand, gives you the rather less glamorous task of running your own school. Naturally, this involves handpicking teaching staff, constructing and rearranging classrooms, and performing the morally dubious duty of picking the week's 'hot couple'.

It also managed to bag itself a highly sought-after 4/5 when it came under our scrutinous eye.

Whether you decide to help shape children and prepare them for the future, or just build really fast cars, act quickly and you can do it for a reduced cost.

This sale won't last forever.