iBomber Defense Developers Cobra Mobile Get Nominated For A Scottish BAFTA

By , on October 21, 2011

Dundee-based developers Cobra Mobile have been nominated for a Scottish BAFTA 2011 Award, thanks to their popular tower defence hit iBomber Defense.

First released for iOS - and subsequently ported to the Mac App Store - iBomber Defense earned a 4/5 at review.

On the subject of the BAFTA recognition, Mark Ettle, Cobra Mobile's MD, said:

iBomber Defense has been a massive critical and financial success for Cobra Mobile. The game has also become a gateway product and opened up all new hardware and software distribution platforms for the company to explore.

It's always an honour to get an award nomination for any product you've created and a BAFTA nomination is one of the best.

iBomber Defense isn't the first mobile game to be nominated for an BAFTA, however, with Chillingo's Cut the Rope bagging the BAFTA for Best Handheld Game back in March.