Strategy Title King of Dragon Pass Celebrates Birthday With New $5.99 Price Point

By , on November 2, 2011

When it's our birthday, we like to celebrate with heaps of presents, piles of cards, enough booze to sink a small ship, and copious amounts of lovely cake.

Developer A Sharp, on the other hand, is celebrating the 12th birthday of King of Dragon Pass by slashing its price, meaning you can now pick up the strategy title for the reduced cost of $5.99.

If you're unfamiliar with the game, it's a complex menu-based title set in the fictional world of Glorantha, which challenges you to overcome an almost endless wave of random events.

These include choosing whether to share valuable resources with nearby clans, or telling them to get lost - both of which affect later events.

King of Dragon Pass is on sale for a limited time, so head on over to the App Store if you want to nab it for $5.99.