Plasma Sky hits the App Store

By , on March 18, 2013
Last modified 11 years, 3 months ago

If you like your bullet hell shooters to be retro tinged, neon coloured, and full of explosive power ups, then today is your lucky day, because Plasma Sky has blasted its way on to the App Store and it's looking pretty sweet.

With eighty levels to blast your way through, the game offers plenty of content, as well as some gorgeous graphics that ape the look of classics such as Geometry Wars. Throw in some huge bosses and a hardcore mode and you're left with a pretty impressive package.

There are two control choices, either tilt or touch, and leaderboards to creep your way up in order to show your friends you're the king of bullets, hell, and shooting. Which is exactly the sort of thing we like to encourage.

The game is available right now for for $1.99, and you can grab it by clicking here. Or, if you'd prefer, stick around and check out the trailer we've embedded below.

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