Check Out Halfbrick's New Title - Fish Out Of Water

By , on March 27, 2013
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Fish Out Of Water

If you've been wondering what Halfbrick have been up to, the answer is: Fish Out Of Water.

Your task, should you jump in to the gorgeous looking deeps, is to fling one of the many fish you have available and score as high as you can. The twist comes in each fish sporting unique properties that will help you to overcome the dynamically changing ocean. While the dolphin may be helpful in one situation, you may need 'The Brothers' to bounce over many smaller waves in a rough ocean, or skip them altogether with 'Micro' the whale.

There are also incentives for playing with friends, including levelling up and earning temporary boosts to help you out.

The game is should set you back $0.99, however no release date has been announced (though by the looks of the trailer, I'd expect it sooner than later).

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