Furiosity is the latest game by Bart Bonte

By , on November 14, 2013
Last modified 10 years, 8 months ago

Bart Bonte certainly makes unique iOS games. From Sugar Sugar to Factory Balls (which we covered on the old App Wrap-Up column), these games an interesting puzzle ideas, and then make the player work very hard for their solutions. 

Furiosity looks to be no different. The aim is to fill each screen with a single colour by tapping tiles. However, each set of tiles uses a different set of rules to determine how colours cycle. The examples in the trailer are simple enough to understand, but we can already tell that the later levels are going to be mindbending.

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The game was apparently created in response to Peter Molyneux's Curiosity, with the aim of turning mindless tapping into something more substantial. 

If you've got an itch that only tapping will scratch, Furiosity is available on the App Store now for69p / 99c.

[App Store Link]