Turn your world upside down with the Monument Valley teaser trailer

By , on December 9, 2013
Last modified 10 years, 6 months ago

Indie developer ustwo has just released the first teaser trailer for its architectural puzzle game Monument Valley - and it's a doozy.

Up until today, we've only seen screenshots of the arty puzzler. Even in still images, however, the game looked fantastic, and we've been harbouring hope that those impossible environments and rotating platforms would look just as good in motion.

Now that we've seen the newly released Monument Valley teaser (below), we can safely say our worries have been put to rest. 

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Clearly inspired by the geometry-defying drawings of Escher, Monument Valley puts you in charge of a small white figure traversing constantly evolving structures.

The sneak-peek above shows a world in which walkways rise out of water, bridges spin 180 degrees, and entire towers rotate with apparent disregard for the laws of physics.

Everything from the sleek, minimalist design to the dreamy soundtrack screams quality, so we cannot wait till the game makes its iPad debut. When we have a release date, we'll let you know.