Backers to receive first half of Kickstarter sensation Broken Age tomorrow

By , on January 13, 2014
Last modified 10 years, 4 months ago

Almost two years after beating its Kickstarter goal by over $3 million, the first episode of Double Fine's point-and-click adventure game Broken Age is about to be made available to backers of the project. 

The early launch, which will see those who contributed to the game's whopping Kickstarter funding total gaining access to the game, was confirmed on Saturday in a tweet from Double Fine's studio head Tim Schafer.

The tweet read: "Haven't shipped a game of my own in 4.5 years, an adventure game in 16, a point-n-click in almost 20. Next Tuesday is going to be exciting!" 

The acclaimed developer went on to say that though Tuesday's release would be for backers only, the studio will also announce the public release date on the same day. 

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Since decisively smashing its financial goals, Broken Age has grown dramatically in scope. The game has since been divided into two acts to prevent backers having to wait even longer for the games release, and to secure additional development funds.

The game will follow two interwoven stories: one of a boy trapped on a space ship (voiced by Elijah Wood), and a girl destined to sacrifice herself for her villiage (played by Masasa Moyo). Players will be able to jump back and forth between stories as they try to free both characters from their respective destinies.

With other voice talent including Wil Wheaton, Jack Black, Pendleton Ward, and Jennifer Hale, we think we may have found out where some of the additional $3 million may have gone.

Still, we are looking forward to finding out if it was money well spent when the first copies are released on iOS tomorrow.

Source: Eurogamer