Monkey Mofo delivers some puzzle-based simian madness to your touchscreen

By , on February 10, 2014
Last modified 10 years, 4 months ago

Invoking classic games and themes is a great way to grab gamers' attention. And, whne we first saw it, Monkey Mofo's apparent blending of ChuChu Rocket! and Q-bert certainly caught our eye.

Requiring you to guide hapless fruit-collecting monkeys around an isometric island, Monkey Mofo has you laying down arrows in your simians' paths to push them in the right direction. Once the fruit is collected, all that is left is to guide them to the exit to complete the stage.

To make things trickier, there are an assortment of enemies to mess with your monkeys. Plus, as the game progresses, the mazes become increasingly difficult to navigate.

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Sprinkle on other hazards and power-ups, and you are left with over 200 levels of monkeying around that will test your planning, reactions, and patience.

Unfortunately, initial impressions were not great.  Playing on the small iPhone screen made planning and managing your monkeys' movement a chore. Swiping in the direction you want your primate to go next before placing the tile is fiddly at best, and often resulted in us walking into unwanted death.

If Monkey Mofo's pre-planned-puzzling interests you, then it is currently available for £2.99 / $4.99 on the App Store.

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