Skiing game Dudeski to hit the App Store slopes in early March

By , on February 11, 2014
Last modified 10 years, 4 months ago

If you are already worried about the post Winter Olympics comedown, then Benedict Fritz's Dudeski might help to keep your frosty spirits high.

Due to arrive in March, this downhill skiing game is set to mix 'dude' humor with all of the danger and drama of the rocking down an icy hill strapped to two pieces of wood.

Your goal is to make down Shred Lord Mountain, and through all four sections of its treacherous slalom course. To do this you have to carve your way past a range of hazards, including Yetis, totem poles, and an approaching avalanche.

Your downhill decent can be made easier by collecting pinecones which unlock shortcuts. There will also be a host of special areas to discover.

Dudeski should hit the piste in early March, so keep an eye out for more news soon.