Riot Runners is the latest monochrome auto-runner to hit the App Store

By , on February 18, 2014

Room 8's new endless-runner Riot Runners just hit the App Store.

This stylish, silhouetted runner pits a group resistance fighter robots against evil, automated overlords. These freedom fighters must run for their lives from their oppressors, jumping – and double jumping – over a range of obstacles, and gathering coins along the way.

The moody black-and-white art style makes the tiny steampunk robots look adorable, especially when set against the dark, industrialised world that surrounds them.

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Though you start with a single protagonist, you can unlock additional characters with different powers as you progress. These new automatons are bought using currency collected in game, or through in-app purchases.

You'll also be able to access daily missions, and make your play for internet fame via the online leader-boards

If you're craving another endless-runner to fill the 13 seconds before the next one is released, then you can liberate Riot Runners from the App Store now for 69p / 99c.

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