Comedy-horror text adventure Zombocalypse Now shambles onto the iPhone and iPad

By , on February 20, 2014
Last modified 10 years, 3 months ago

Comedy-inflected horror adventure Zombocalypse Now has just smeared itself all over the App Store. The latest interactive story from Tin Man Games, the gruesome read-'em-up offers a cuddly - but bloodstained - look at the end of days.

Cast as a stuffed rabbit on a date, you immediately notice something isn't right when your potential paramour turns out to be a zombie. Turns out the apocalypse can strike at any time, and, when it does, you have to take decisive action.

Or perhaps you don't, as Zombocalypse Now leaves all the choices up to you. Do you ditch your undead-date and see how it goes, or chainsaw her to bits? The branching adventure game will present you with decisions like this at every turn, as you head towards one of the game's hundreds of endings.

The text-based action is accompanied by cuddly, gore-soaked art, depicting your rabbit hero doing its best to keep all his stuffing where it belongs.

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