Activision is working on a new Tony Hawk's game for mobile devices

By , on February 27, 2014
Last modified 10 years, 3 months ago

Activision is currently working on a mobile version of its Tony Hawk's skating franchise.

The news came from the mouth of Tony Hawk himself, who was speaking to Bloomberg about his career as a professional skater.

In-between being quizzed about his YouTube channel and Twitter followers, Hawk was asked about his fondness for videogames. This lead to Hawk addressing his own skate sim franchise, and revealing a new game is being developed "for mobile" this year.

"We've never had our own game in that space, so I'm excited to provide one finally," Hawk said of the mobile-only game.

Though it's nice to see Activision tailoring the Tony Hawk's franchise specifically for the mobile platfrom, we're eager to hear some more details. We'll keep you informed as and when those details appear.

 You can see full Tony Hawk interview on the Bloomberg TV+ site.