See exclusive footage of Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff

By , on April 9, 2014
Last modified 10 years ago

As you may have heard, Fox accidentally released Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff onto the App Store 48 hours early. Assuming it was a soft-launch rather than an accident, may people started posting videos of the game on YouTube, and streaming gameplay on Twitch.

However, within hours of the app's appearance, reports appeared saying that FOX was flagging YouTube videos containing footage of the game. What's more, AppSpy community member HansKaosu had his Twitch account shut down altogether, apparantly as a result of streaming the game live.

Given that the game had publicly appeared on the App Store, and that no-one did anything remotely illegal in downloading it, it seems a bit harsh that people are getting black marks on their accounts for daring to stream and share a publicly available game.

Though the app has now been pulled from the App Store, we have obtained some exclusive footage of Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff in action. This is the video FOX doesn't want you to see:

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