Funcom to release MMO Lego Minifigures Online on iPad this year

By , on April 29, 2014
Last modified 10 years, 1 month ago

Lego Minifigures Online, a new lego themed MMO from Funcom, is due to arrive on iPad this year.

As the trailer below shows, the game continues the cooperative multiplayer thrust of long-running series, with players working together to build, overcome challenges, and battle bosses.

With the entire Lego universe at its disposal, Funcom will be free to jump between dozens of varied environments with ease - including the newly revealed world of pirates.

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Every figure will have its own unique abilities, but all will conform to one of three classes: Defenders, Strikers, and Builders.

Each class's role is fairly straightforward, with Defenders providing protection for the party, Strikers dealing damage, and Builders constructing items more quickly than other classes.

Missions will require you work together with others if you want to succeed, all fulfilling different roles in the party. 

The game will be coming to iPad and PC, with saves shared between each version to let you jump back and forth between platforms with ease.

Budding builders can register their interest in the Lego Minifigures Online  now for a chance to participate in the PC beta when it begins in June. The game is due to come to iPad later this summer.