Tower defence game Castlestorm - Free to Siege is out now on the App Store

By , on May 7, 2014
Last modified 10 years ago

The iOS port of  PC and console tower defence game Castlestorm, has just smashed its way on to the App Store in the form of Castlestorm - Free to Siege.

This free-to-play translation of the original Castlestorm has been in beta since February on Android devices. Now, with the kinks in its business model hammered out, Zen Studios has brought it to iPhone and iPad.

The medieval styled tower defense title marries 2D tower defense combat with physics-based construction and destruction. As you build your tower, the integrity of your base is dependent both on the materials you use and your architectural skills. Place too much weight on the wrong support, and you could quickly find the whole thing crashing down with minimal help from your opponent.


You can chose between four different races to take into battle, each with their own troops, weapons, and abilities to master. So, whether you set the Kingdom against the Norse, or force the Royal Guard and Viking Elite to smash helmets on the field of battle, your choice of faction will dictate your tactics. 

Offering four different campaigns and 150 different stages, Castlestorm - Free to Siege can be downloaded free from the App Store. As its name suggests, however, there are microtransactions, so be careful with your pocketmoney.

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